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About Us

As the leading company in servicing the needs of the global Jewish online market, we expanded quickly over the last year, added employees, and developed a strong team. Who are we? We’re a group of hardworking, dedicated, wine-loving individuals for whom the possibilities of growth are endless. Need help filling your home, picking a ketubah, buying a gift, or choosing your next favorite wine? Come to us – we have the answers you’re looking for.

Meet the Team

David Perelman
David PerelmanCEO
Dovid Riven
Dovid RivenExecutive VP
Jared Fusia
Jared Fusia Sales and Customer Relations Account Manager
Ari Lockspeiser
Ari LockspeiserFine Wine Consultant for Jwines & Kosherwine
Azik Schwechter
Azik Schwechter Director of Judaica
Shterna Feigelstock
Shterna FeigelstockOperations Manager
Chana Zeller
Chana ZellerCustomer Care Manager
Nathalie Rozenbaum
Nathalie RozenbaumController
Eric Golman
Eric GolmanMarketplace Manager
Bracha Lachman
Bracha LachmanMarketing Coordinator
Elliot Levine
Elliot LevineWeb Manager
Shoshana Danon
Shoshana DanonBookkeeper
Ashley Adionser
Ashley Adionser Email Coordinator
Ying Deng
Ying DengECommerce Catalog Manager
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